Past Prophecies Still Vital For Now ~ Updated

    Here you will find a series of small prophecies spoken on social media over the past few months. 

    • Lenora Sarver

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      June 28, 2022

      Whew! July will be here and we are going to bake. Get ready for extreme heat. We are about to experience heat like no other time, record breaking.

      For my elders, stay inside with plenty of water, cool wraps, and air circulation. This will be the type of heat that will take your breath as soon as you walk outside. Unusual illnesses sparked due to heat will rise as well.

      This is what I received in prayer this morning. From what I understand, this is set to last a couple weeks. The magnitude is beyond our normal capabilities in managing this time of year. Our communities are set to endure so much, then after that is the unknown.

      Get ready!



      What a weekend! I’m officially a block of ice! Seeing that much snow this early? We even dipped below zero….

      I cannot stress enough, get ready! We have a ruff winter coming. This will be sort of similar to the extreme heat warnings I was chirping all summer. Only difference is cold this time.

      Get your can goods, with openers, plastic up the windows, get some extra blankets, look into natural ways of heating if the electric goes out for days.

      This morning in particular I keep hearing God says mass ice formations. Which are set to build up and cause issues.

      As I hear, I relay.

      Stay warm and safe

    •  July 8, 2022 ·Unfortunately the extreme heat will continue. And because of it, all networks will be badly stressed. You will be able to look down quite a few feet within the ground through large cracks. Moisture provides stability to the ground we walk on to an extent. Once this has turned to dust, unusual sink holes will begin. Sheol is ready to eat. 

    • July 22'

    • While driving Sunday morning, I was watching the birds gathering on the power lines. It was just one of the things they always do this time of year before they fly south for the winter. I heard God speak and say , the power structure will again be challenged during winter. They’ve done nothing to remedy the problem. Get your candles and enough to stay warm these next few months into spring.

    • We’ve experienced extreme heat which was a warning to the nations. Now we will experience extreme cold. Get ready.

      After hearing that, I couldn’t help but think that people in authority had time to observe the limitations of the structures and did nothing. How much more does it take for them to implement a plan of action that doesn’t involve the people cutting back to survive through this? Or are we too busy about getting elected that these dire needs for the people can just take a back burner seat?

      Either way, it’s a problem that’s about to be in their faces regardless of how they prioritize it.

      In the meantime people, do what you can now to store up for natural ways of staying warm. Check in with your elders regularly.

      It’s about to get ruff.

    • Lenora Sarver

        · August 29, 2022

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      No one seems to be actively talking about why people are moving out of California right & left.

      When you raise the taxes and cost of living so high, it eliminates quite a few types of people.

      The next election will not fare so well for that governor. It’s difficult to run a state when the bar is set so high no one can live there without crashing into debt.

      And btw, do they have a plan of digging out batterie powered cars this coming winter? This state is on the docket for a nice & interesting winter this year.

      May God be with them!

    • Lenora Sarver

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      PublicSeptember 16, 2022

      I hear in prayer, preparations are being made for secret attacks. Those will later be deemed meaningless. Get ready for a brutal cold winter. It’s no longer just reduced to my area but world wide. Many will trudge through the snow in hopes of defending their soil. I see red snow as a result of brutalities. Many will fight from and for their own resets. I hear the terms that will be used as unforgettable, and never such a time as this in all history.

      Trim your wicks and gather your oil.

    • Lenora Sarver

        ·  August 2, 2022 

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      Keep hearing the Lord say, get ready for a long dry fall season. I do not see this worldwide though due to an overly active hurricane season coming up. January will be the take off on major weather events. We’re in for a massive deep freeze that will be historical. The network & structures have been challenged with extreme heat, it will be the opposite come winter.

      Also next year will be a world wide circus for world leaders and presidential candidates. It will literally feel like a soap opera watching all of this. I refer to this as a circus because each individual involved will have their “act”. We will have historical issues on the table that will ultimately sway the vote.

      In the meantime expect many freebies so to speak from the current administration. There’s an open door for all/most legal matters to be reversed at this time. Those days are numbered though. The main focus of this is merely to raise the numbers.

      In the midst of alll this, God will continue fulfilling age old & mysterious prophecies from the scrolls to remind mankind, your days are numbered. Put away your childish and double minded ways. Choose whom you will serve this day.

      As God reveals more, and allows me, I will let you know.



    Carlos says (Jun 13, 2023):

    May God have mercy on the world. I had a dream in which I came out of a prison, I walked up stairs from the lowest part of the prison, I walked out the gate and I preached to people about a earthquake so big that it would make the trees uproot themselves. It was gloomy in the dream, People ignored me as I shouted this from GOD.

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