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    To keep everyone up to date in where I have been speaking the most prophecies is through the following link - Dual Candle Radio on Spotify If you do not have a Spotify subscription, there are a number of other podcast sites such as - PlayerFM , Tunein.com, Spotify For Podcasters, Web browser, and following the link on the home page - www.requestfreeprophecy.us All older prophecies can be found on my blog - Lenora's Diary

  • The Right Now On time Message In ANY Language

    Last week I received an email from a dear sister in the Lord. Once I read it, I immediately knew this was an important right now message to get out to people of all languages. As you may or may not know, the gospel and those who promote it are being shutdown, banned, shadow banned, world wide - yet we can still find a way to bring the message! Stand strong in the faith knowing God's messages and His Word has been so far eternal. What was shall be! He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow! …

  • Welcome!

    Welcome to my new Prophetic Updates Blog!

    Here you will find world wide updates as God speaks them to me. 

  • The Coming Rattle

    Wednesday morning I awoke to an uneasiness and tension. I sat for a moment taking everything in and trying to process what was going on. I proceeded forth with my normal routine to pray then God gave me a few second vision. I saw one part of the earth suffering from a rattle of earthquakes within days of each other. It seems unclear still if they made a wave and rattled like that across the hemipshere or all at once. While the vision was taking place, I heard the Lord say, " Get ready for the gr…

  • California Weather & South America

    Last Friday morning in prayer, I heard the number twelve being spoken in a sense of completion for the atmospheric rivers. I hear this will finally come to a close. The purpose of onset initially were to develop more drain off systems in order to capture and store water. Hence releasing some drought. Yet tornadic and tropical behaviors will take next in line to happen. Due to this will be a delayed fire season. This will not completely prevent it entirely. We are set for another even more horren…