California Weather & South America

    Last Friday morning in prayer, I heard the number twelve being spoken in a sense of completion for the atmospheric rivers. I hear this will finally come to a close. The purpose of onset initially were to develop more drain off systems in order to capture and store water. Hence releasing some drought. Yet tornadic and tropical behaviors will take next in line to happen. Due to this will be a delayed fire season. This will not completely prevent it entirely. We are set for another even more horrendous drought and extreme heat waves this coming summer. The type of heat that produces strange bacteria, fungus, and quakes. 

    The south will be weather torn from numerous tornadic and tropical behaviour as well. I heard in prayer, God say expect rapid fluations in temperature, weather, and it's changing from minute to minute. What looks calm, may change within 30 minutes time. 

    Due to the constant extremeties of these locations, it will spawn a migration to calmer states. Yet, these challenges will develop into greater intensities times 3 each calendar year until it's fullness of time for completion. This is world wide, record breaking after record breaking will continue. I would like to say earth will seem inhabitable, but that is not true. WE always find a way through! Get ready, stay checking your weather apps, and let God order your foot steps!


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