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We offer a full choice of solutions and services, including

dream interpretation,

God's solutions found through scripture,

prayer, prophecy, radio broadcasting, blog,

books, partnerships, and resources all over the world.


To Prophetic Intuition Ministry

Do you know what God has planned for your life? Are you facing a challenging situation in life and need prayer and guidance? Have you ever wondered what your gift or life calling from God is? Do you feel like you have backslid and need help getting back on path with Christ?


Site Update - The site is now operated by Lenora Sarver and no longer has teams. 501c3 is no longer in effect for any donations. Donations are still not required, only God led. Due to downsizing teams, wait times may extend up to a year. We now require only one request per email per year. Forms will reject multiple requests from the same email. ( Updated : 9/13/21 )